What can I do for you?

: Crafting impact stories on your project or programme in a way that demonstrates clear impact on beneficiaries.

Writing: Overview articles for your website, internal reports or Board papers that require structure, flow and clarity – because strong writing gets read.

Reporting: Field research for your project reports, situation reports or knowledge maps for information or advocacy use.

Presenting: Speaking at your function or meeting about social media, content marketing or online journalism.

Content marketing: Using in-depth SEO techniques to make sure your stories or posts are not only liked by your audience but also rank in Google search results.


Why me?

As a former journalist and foreign correspondent, I shape stories that speak to hearts and minds.

As a former UN communications leader, I understand and apply processes and guidelines.

As a literary writer, I have been published in anthologies and write for literary reviews, in case you're looking beyond the technical.

As a blogger, I manage one of the world's top travel blogs, Women on the Road.

As a social media strategist, I help organizations grow their online audiences.

As a consultant with companies and organizations, I transform complicated content into engaging and actionable copy.

What drives me? A deep commitment to such global issues as public health, sustainable development, human rights, migration, gender, the environment and humanitarian issues.



Please contact me if you need my services - or just to have a chat.